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Christmas Tree Articles


Why Buy a Real Christmas Tree Online?

Did you know you can now Buy a Real Christmas Tree Online and have it shipped right to your door? You may be thinking to yourself, why would I want to do that when I can buy a tree from a local store in my area. If you read the rest of this article you will see why buying a real Christmas tree online is the best choice.

There are two primary Christmas tree harvest methods. The “Traditional Christmas Tree Harvest Method” and the “Mail Order Christmas Tree Harvest Method”. While both of these methods are effective, this article explains why the Mail Order Christmas Tree Harvest Method is the better option.


Traditional Christmas Tree Harvest Method

The Traditional Harvest Method is usually used to harvest Christmas trees that will be shipped to chain stores and local retailers. Using this method Christmas trees are usually harvested between October 1st and November 15th.

The Christmas trees are usually hauled out of the field and then stored in a shipping yard. The Christmas trees will then be loaded onto semi trucks and shipped to their final destination around Thanksgiving time.

This method has been used for decades and it does work. Christmas trees actually have a lot longer "shelf life" than what most people think. There are, however, factors that can cause a Christmas tree to loose its freshness. The largest of coarse is the weather. Extreme heat or the lack of rain throughout the year or the harvest season can cause Christmas trees to be more sensitive and not hold up as well through the holiday season.

There are only two ways you can guarantee your Christmas tree will have "Ultimate Freshness". You can drive all over your state (if your state even grows trees) to find a decent cut your own OR you can buy a freshly harvested mail order Christmas tree.


Mail Order Christmas Tree Harvest Method

When you order a Christmas tree online, you have the option to select the estimated date you would like your Christmas tree delivered. The amount of time required for shipping is calculated and then your Christmas tree is harvested right before it ships. That's right, your Christmas tree does NOT spend weeks sitting in a shipping yard.  Your Christmas tree is harvested and then put it in a plastic lined box which keeps in the freshness. Your Christmas tree is then shipped and you receive it at your front door just a few days later. 


Now that I’ve explained why the mail order Christmas tree harvest method is the best lets look at the other primary reason you should buy a real Christmas tree online.  I can sum it up in one word: “Simplicity”.

These days our lives are so hectic that we don’t always have time to find a local lot to buy a real Christmas tree.  You may often find yourself driving all over town looking for a decent real Christmas tree.  Then when you do find a decent retail lot you have to contend with the weather.  It always seems to be raining or snowing whenever you schedule time to go Christmas tree shopping.  Then when you do find that perfect Christmas tree you have to find a way to fit it in your car or truck. 

Buying a Christmas tree online couldn't be easier.  This method offers the best in quality, freshness, and convenience.  Think outside of the box this holiday season and Buy a Fresh Christmas Tree Online.

TIP: For the “Ultimate Freshness” we recommend you Buy a Fraser Fir Christmas Tree Online.

Wes Brown
Brown’s Tree Farm