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Christmas Tree Fundraiser
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Christmas Wreath Fundraiser
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View our comprehensive photo gallery to see first hand the type of High Quality Fresh Christmas Trees we sell.

Brown's Tree Farm makes it easy to start a Christmas Tree Fundraising Program with Zero Risk To You!

We are your #1 source to Start a Christmas Tree Fundraiser. We guarantee you will be 100% satisfied!

Christmas Tree Fundraiser Program Details

The outline below provides more details about how our program works. For more information including pricing register to receive our QualityTree Fundraiser Kit.


  1. Request Information Kit
    1. Visit our web site and request our information kit.  You simply complete the Information Kit Request Form and you will receive an immediate email response containing a link to our detailed Information Kit.  This kit includes specific fundraising program plan details along with Christmas Tree and Christmas Wreath pricing.
  2. Review Information Kit and hold a fundraiser committee meeting
    1. Before you get started it is a good idea to hold a fundraiser committee meeting.   At this meeting you should appoint a fundraiser chairperson.
    2. The next thing you should do at this meeting is determine which items you would like to sell.  You can sell all of the items we offer or you can select just specific items that meet your requirements. 
    3. You should also set the prices for the items you would like to sell.  We provide you with the suggested price range but you are able to set your own actual Christmas Tree and Christmas Wreath prices.  Your prices will be displayed on your personal web site and also on your order forms.
    4. The next thing you should do is determine who your primary sales representatives will be.  You should also set sales goals for each sales representative. 
    5. The next thing you should do is set a sales end date.  You should set a firm end date so all your sales representatives start their sales process early.  You will need to get all your sales completed early so we can tag the nicest trees in advance specifically for your fundraiser.  This also allows us to harvest your entire order at the same time.  This ensures you get the freshest Christmas Trees available.
    6. You will also need to set an approximate delivery date.  We will ship your order to your desired location.  Your customers can then come and pick up their Christmas Trees and Christmas Wreaths.  Each Christmas Tree is tagged so you can easily determine between tree sizes.  Each size has a different color tag as well as text listing exactly what the tree is.  For example, a 6-7’ Fraser Fir will have a yellow tag that says “6-7’ Fraser Fir” located at the base of the tree.  This makes the distributions process very simple.
    7. At the conclusion of this meeting you should have an overall sales goal.  This will help us provide you with the best plan to help get your fundraiser started quickly and effectively.
  3. Sign up for fundraiser by completing our online Sign Up Form.
    1. Complete your organization information including sales goals.  We will use this information to setup your account and determine how to tailor our program to fit your needs.
    2. Select the items you would like to sell and enter the prices you would like to charge your customers.
    3. Complete the Web Site creation form.  We will use this information to create your very own personal web site.  We can usually have your web site created within 48 hours of when we receive your web site creation form.  You can also setup web site users who you would like to have access to the order entry system on your web site.
  4. Determine order form requirements
    1. We will send you postcard/order forms which include your own custom pricing.  These postcards will also include the web site address for your Christmas Tree Fundraiser and Christmas Wreath Fundraiser web site. 
  5. Start sales process
    1. After we complete your web site (see sample website) and send you the order forms you can start your sales process.  You can have your sales reps go pass out the postcards which include details about the items you are selling along with a link to your web site. 
    2. Your customers can then visit your web site to find out more information about the items you are selling.  They will also be able to view over 30 pictures of the items you are selling.  The old expression “A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words” could not be more accurate.  While I’m sure your customers do want to help raise money for your organization, I’m sure they also want a beautiful Christmas Tree.  A Christmas Tree is the centerpiece of the holiday season and people do not want to settle for an inferior tree.  The pictures that will appear on your web site are pictures taken in the actual field your Christmas trees will come from.  We offer the highest quality Christmas Trees available and we have the pictures to prove it. 
    3. This web site is an indispensable sales tool.  Not only will it help make your sales process easier but it will also give your customers piece of mind.  They will know what they are getting before they place an order.
  6. Complete final order and determine shipping charges
    1. After you have reached your set sales end date, you send us your final order. 
    2. We will determine your shipping total based on the quantity of Christmas Trees and Christmas Wreaths you sold along with your location.  We do not make ANY money on shipping.  We negotiate the best shipping rates possible with our shipping companies and we charge you exactly what we pay. 
    3. One of the key reasons to conclude your sales process early is this allows us to combine your load with other loads that are going into your area.  This can GREATLY reduce your shipping costs.  For example, if your fundraiser sells 150 trees you will not want to pay the entire shipping cost to have a load that size shipped.  An average semi can hold approximately 600 Christmas Trees.  If you place your final order early, we will likely have time to combine your shipment with other shipments that are already going to your area.
    4. The average shipment costs approximately $2 - $6 per tree depending on the size of the load and your location.  All Christmas Trees and Christmas Wreaths will be shipped from northern Michigan.  We cannot stress enough how important it is to place your final order early.  This could cut your overall shipping costs by as much as 50%.


For more information including pricing register to receive our QualityTree Fundraiser Kit.